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Chuhee Lee, Volkswagen Group of America’s Electronic Research Laboratory

Listen to Chuhee Lee, Vice President of Technology and Strategy, a veteran of Volkswagen of America’s Electronic Research Lab, describe how his group’s activities improve the user experience for the 11 million vehicles a year that the VW Group manufactures.

We’ll explore vehicle infotainment, autonomy, customization, and the evolving concept of “luxury”.

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A raw transcript is here.

1/3 Tech & Cars: the Big News

What’s real and what’s not in “self-driving?”  Which advances have near-term applications, and which vehicles are driving themselves already?  In Part 1, we quantify the enormous size of the transportation industry, and how that size means there’s no reason to exaggerate autonomy claims: partial autonomy and unrelated technology advances are making a big difference in everything from energy sources, to safety, to infotainment, and to utilization rates.

In Part 2, we’ll review the history, challenges, and over promises in vehicle autonomy.  In Part 3, we’ll discuss recent progress and prospects for widely available, substantially autonomous vehicles.  We’ll look at advances and leaders.

This 3-part segment is a companion to our publication, Driverless Cars are Mostly Fake News, but the real parts are Big News to which you can subscribe here.


Ali Tabibian of GTK Partners will roadmap this series, describing how we’ll help Dear Listeners understand the world of artificial intelligence, data science, connectivity and sensors through their applications in cars and machines.  He’ll answer your burning questions:

  • What is this series about anyway?
  • Why is tech in cars and machines so closely related?
  • Who are these GTK guys anyway, and why should I listen to them?

We’ll make it fun to digest our nutrient-packed, thoughtful content for those of you who like to learn.

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